New Brazilian Social Network Moovia Emphasizes Team Collaboration

Image Today the web is highly populated with apps of all kinds, and it’s really hard to find the really good ones in this crowded space. But let me try to help by suggesting a 8 months old Brazilian startup that deserves to be noticed:Moovia – a new professional network that  puts in evidence your talents, accomplishments, communication and teamwork.



Rodrigo Griesi, one of the co-founders, defines Moovia as “a social network focused on getting things done”. He told me how they built this amazing professional platform:

Moovia will challenge giant professional networks because it is based on peer feedback

Weʼve always been looking for an online workspace to put our team together, that would be easy-to-use, provided visibility of all the actions, and most important, would focus on communication. When we decided to build Moovia, we realized that our mission was to create an environment that promotes collaboration through a social network platform.

When they started, in the beginning of this year, the first step was to build a strong platform with everything a team needs to plan and execute any idea or project. Therefore, the team developed an online professional environment, free for the user, where everybody could host all work related ideas, plans, groups, and most important, knowledge and communication.  For instance, users can deliver tasks, plan together, comment on ideas and team knowledge, and applaud their accomplishments.

After the first version of Moovia  was released and people started to use the app, the team realized they had something in their database that had the potential to cause a huge impact and change the working environment: the power of peer feedback. Moovia believe it is a game changer because it is built upon the constant feedback all users gives at all times.

From these spontaneous feedback, Moovia’s team figured out a way to measure people’s professional reputation, with a personal score. This is very powerful because it gives value to people who really deliver and engage, the ones who make it happen. Professional value in the new millennium is not measured by people’s past, but by their present and real talents – how much you influence people around you, the results and value people see in you, your commitment and character – more important than how many years of experience you have is what you built along all those years. This personal score works as a gamification aimed to engage users. Each user receives a professional score, based on peer feedback, which is expected to function as a huge source of motivation to commit to their projects and coworker


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