Funding Launchpad Empowers Investment Crowdfunding History!

Earlier last month mobile scanner manufacturer Couragent Inc. announced they were launching an equity crowdfunding offering. Legally able to raise money from residents of Colorado, Illinois, New York, Wisconsin, and Wyoming, this makes Couragent the first American company to legally use investment crowdfunding. We are excited and thankful that Couragent chose to use Funding Launchpad’s crowdfunding technology to power their fundraising efforts.

We recognize that over the past few months, several platforms have claimed to be legally crowdfunding securities today. As far as we can tell, absolutely none are. Only Couragent’s offering, utilizing Funding Launchpad’s proprietary technology, meet three standards that are the hallmarks of investment crowdfunding:

  1. The ability to generally solicit (i.e. openly advertise that a company is raising money).
  2. The ability to sell securities to all investors, not just wealthy Americans and financial institutions.
  3. Utilization of a centralized internet platform to conduct the offering (that’s where our technology comes in!).

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One thought on “Funding Launchpad Empowers Investment Crowdfunding History!

  1. Thank you for covering the launch of, investment crowdfunding pioneer. We are honored to be a part of crowdfunding history and look forward to seeing this new form of raising capital thrive.


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