EventTilt: Crowdfunding for Events

Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter have already become widely used to help startups and individuals fund new products and initiatives. But now online ticketing startup Picatic is offering a similar opportunity for event planners, promoters, and venues to fund their events through its new service EventTilt.


EventTilt aims to help event planners ensure they’ll make a profit before actually going through the whole process of putting on an event. Organizers can even offer incentives like discounted tickets or free merchandise to those who help fund their events.

For businesses that host events, going through the whole planning and execution process can be a huge pain if the event doesn’t end up making a profit. This type of site can help avoid the let-down that comes with a less than successful turnout by letting organizers decide on a minimum amount of money or number of attendees needed to make a profit or at least break even before putting on an event. There are fees for posting events on the site, unless the event is free to attend – then users can submit it to the site free of charge.

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