iCrowd in Poised and Ready!

iCrowd is dedicated to helping businesses succeed, benefiting customers, communities, and investors. iCrowd will provide essential tools to recognize and seize opportunities. If you’re a small business owner, you can seek advice, build teams, and create communities of enthusiasts for your business. These tools are designed to help you execute for success. Once the SEC finalizes its rules for Investment Crowdfunding, iCrowd will become a registered intermediary to help you raise capital from the communities you find and establish on our website.

If you’re an investor, you can discover a community of small businesses. You will not be able to invest before rules are approved, but you can learn what makes businesses tick and engage with entrepreneurs and other investors to network and collaborate.

For potential entrepreneurs, uncertain whether you’re prepared to launch an idea, iCrowd provides the ecosystem you need to test and hone your idea, gain the knowledge essential to launching a successful startup, and create a group of advisors. iCrowd will optimally position you for your entrepreneurial journey and prepare you to successfully fund your venture.


When regulations allow, iCrowd will empower investors to invest directly in small, private companies. Investors have been prohibited from investing in these companies unless they were “accredited,” with incomes over $200,000 or non-residential net worth over $1 million. Rules restricted investor action and denied entrepreneurs access to willing capital. Those prohibitions ended with the passage of the JOBS Act in 2012. iCrowd’s platform leverages today’s technologies, especially social media, so that entrepreneurs can attract investments from a wide audience of interested investors. But at iCrowd, it’s not just about funding. It’s about creating success, with resources to establish, develop, and nurture businesses.


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