18 leading CrowdInvesting platforms have integrated the BancBox

bancboxSan Mateo, CA – BancBox, a leading payment services provider, announces today that 18 leading CrowdInvesting platforms have integrated the BancBox Invest API. On top of that, more than $4 Million has been processed on behalf of its partner platforms and that over a dozen offerings have been completed via the Invest API.

BancBox Invest (previously BancBox Crowd) is the only cloud-based, automated, independent escrow solution that ensures that CrowdInvesting portals remain in compliance with FINCEN, FINRA and SEC requirements, specifically Rule 15c2-4. BancBox’s solution was the first independent escrow service to hit the market and has leveraged its first mover advantage to sign up an all-star roster of partner platforms that includes debt, equity, angel-investing and real-estate platforms.

BancBox partners include:

  • 99 Funding
  • Angel RoundUp
  • Brandups
  • CommunityLeader
  • Crowdbrewed
  • CrowdValley
  • EquityNet
  • FilmFunder
  • FlashFunders
  • GroundBreaker
  • iFunding
  • LocalStake
  • Patch of Land
  • SeedInvest
  • SparkMarket

BancBox has seen incredible adoption among investors on its first partner platforms with the service processing over $4 million in investments. Additionally, the company announced several additional milestones:

  • Over a dozen deals closed implementing the service
  • Over 300 accredited investors in the system on 20 different deals
  • Average investor funding of approximately $15,000
  • Average escrow size of $250,000

“BancBox Invest is a linchpin technology that is helping an entire industry to find its legs. We are excited to have signed up 18 of the leading CrowdInvestment platforms that are helping to usher in this revolution and are displaying incredible leadership and innovation,” said Sanj Goyle, CEO of BancBox. “These platforms represent half of the top-tier CrowdInvestment platforms that we identified when launched the API a few months ago.”

The company is tapping into more than a decade of experience building robust payment solutions, as it rolls out its Invest platform across the industry. Partner platforms look to BancBox for its expertise navigating complex regulatory frameworks and providing rock-solid payment security.


Mimoona – Crowdfunding for The Fashion Industry

Why Do Fashion Designers Need to Test Their Designs?

Building and thriving with your own fashion business is not an easy task these days. In an industry where trends are changing faster each year and the number of collections increases, it is difficult for a fashion brand to assess how much to produce of each style, color and size. Incorrect predictions can lead to excess inventory, lost sales, and even cash flow difficulties

We believe there should be a way to do fashion with more peace of mind, a way that lets designers breathe and express their amazing creativity, a way with less risk, and we think we found it. It`s time to know what you think.

PIGLT – Crowdfunding Education

PIGLT turns to the crowd to help fill higher education piggybanks (via Pando Daily)

By Michael Carney On April 30, 2013There has been a lot of innovation in recent years in the way education is delivered. But technology has done little to change the way that higher education, specifically, is paid for. Students still lobby for grants…

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RetireAmerica.com Announces Launch


2013 /PRNewswire/ — RetireAmerica.com announced today the launch of its web-based capital protected equity crowdfunding portal. The launch is in beta form and is intended to become fully functional by year-end. Empowering Entrepreneurs, Protecting Investors, Creating Jobs. RetireAmerica.com (www.retireamerica.com) announced today the launch of its crowdfunding portal which will offer investors the opportunity to make equity investments in early stage companies through its unique financing structure that combines capital protection with an equity investment. Initially, investments on the platform will be limited to accredited investors, but will be expanded to non-accredited eligible investors following full implementation of Title III of the JOBS Act.

Steve Colmar, RetireAmerica.com’s CEO stated, “Everyone knows that early stage investing is risky. Our mission has been to develop a product that opens up investment opportunities in early stage companies to investors who want to minimize their risk of loss. And now the crowdfunding revolution has arrived, making equity investments in early-stage companies available to countless new investors through groundbreaking social media outlets or portals. But despite its transformational influence on capital markets, crowdfunding hasn’t solved how to reduce the risk of loss of capital in early stage investments. The RetireAmerica.com product addresses this problem through our unique capital protected structure. Our protection feature allows the investor to protect some or all of his or her investment, and, in some cases, to redeploy non-risk capital at the investor’s discretion by converting it into additional equity.”

“We believe our capital protected product, with its unique conversion feature, is advantageous for both parties to the investment equation. For the entrepreneur, it provides a ready pool of capital to further their growth plans. And for the investor, it provides an opportunity to protect capital and to make additional incremental investments if and when it suits their individual risk profile.”

For More information, go to http://www.retireamerica.com

About RetireAmerica.com
RetireAmerica.com is an Austin Texas based company. Developed by Business Ventures Corp. of Austin, TX and Santa Barbara, CA. Accredited investors interested in RetireAmerica.com’s capital protected investments are invited to visit http://www.retireamerica.com and register as users of the site. Registration is free, giving investors access to our investment opportunities and important updates regarding RetireAmerica.com. Entrepreneurs with companies looking for capital are encouraged to submit their company for consideration.

SOURCE RetireAmerica.com