Mimoona – Crowdfunding for The Fashion Industry

Why Do Fashion Designers Need to Test Their Designs?

Building and thriving with your own fashion business is not an easy task these days. In an industry where trends are changing faster each year and the number of collections increases, it is difficult for a fashion brand to assess how much to produce of each style, color and size. Incorrect predictions can lead to excess inventory, lost sales, and even cash flow difficulties

We believe there should be a way to do fashion with more peace of mind, a way that lets designers breathe and express their amazing creativity, a way with less risk, and we think we found it. It`s time to know what you think.


One thought on “Mimoona – Crowdfunding for The Fashion Industry

  1. Marine Remy

    I think this is pretty amazing. It allows gifted designer to launch their collections without having to be rich in a first place. By the way, I’ve heard few days ago about a new start up : Meet My Designer. If I’ve understand their concept, they want to help designer, but it’s also about giving the opportunity to customers to meet their favorite designers. I’m so looking forward to seeing what they’re going to do.


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