Seed Equity Opens Equity Crowdfunding Platform to a Global Audience

todd croslandSeed Equity, founded by an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year, is launching a U.S. Registered Broker-dealer and online equity-based crowdfunding platform for Startups targeting a global audience.  Seed Equity is a member of FINRA and SIPC.  Founder Todd Crosland previously started and sold Interbank FX – a company he operated from 2001 to 2011.

Seed Equity claims to already spans the US, Australia, Brazil, China, Denmark, Egypt, Hungary, Israel, Japan, Philippines, Poland, Russian Federation, Romania, Singapore, South Korea, Honduras, Cyprus, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Turkey and United Kingdom. The company is preparing to open an office in Tel Aviv.

Seed Equity LogoSeed Equity sees their launch coming at a time when the startup market is expanding geographically and investment is being diversified through crowdfunding initiatives.  The platform allows entrepreneurs to share information about their startup, carry out due diligence processes, apply for funding, and close formal international investment agreements with multiple investors.

“Countries like Israel and Chile have actively been supporting their own startup ecosystems through grants and tax breaks which has spurred a boom of promising startups across the globe,” said founder and CEO Todd Crosland.

Seed Equity points out that hundreds of foreign entrepreneurs continue to move their startups to the US to improve their access to investors who continue to invest mostly in local tech hubs such as San Francisco and New York City.

Pitch once on Seed Equity

“This is why we are seeing an increase in equity investment crowdfunding that allow promising foreign entrepreneurs to seek their investments at home,” Crosland adds.

“This trend to seek investment through crowd-funding is much more prevalent abroad, especially in developing tech hubs where the geographical and psychological barriers between the entrepreneur and potential US investors long impeded local startups to push through.”


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Toy-like rockets could someday carry tiny satellites and human ashes to space


When Microlaunchers was founded in 1995, rocket launches were dominated by large companies and governments interested in shipping huge amounts of cargo up to space.

Things aren’t too different today–the space industry still revolves around getting large items like telecommunications satellites to orbit–but change is happening. Companies like SpaceX and Firefly are reducing the cost for small payloads to make it to space. In 2013, more shoebox-sized satellites known as CubeSats launched than in all years prior combined.

Microlaunchers, which wants to manufacture large numbers of rockets that weigh anywhere between 220 pounds and 60 tons, is catching its second wind based on that trend. The startup would charge $50,000 to launch a single 2.2-pound CubeSat, and provide a private rocket that can launch at anytime weather permits. CEO Charles Pooley imagines rockets and launchpads small enough to be moved and handled as if they are toys. Larger rockets would be capable of carrying more cargo. Dozens…

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iFunding Announces 1st Mobile Real Estate App

ifundingNEW YORK CITY—What do you do when you build a website for the crowdfunding of real estate and users come visit mainly at lunchtime, on their phones? You build an app for that.

Such was the thinking of executives at iFunding, a nine-month-old crowdfunding platform that has launched what it calls the first-ever real estate crowdfunding mobile application for investors, has learned EXCLUSIVELY.

The app, titled iFunding-Real Estate Investment through Crowdfunding, allows investors to perform every function in the real estate investment lifecycle that they currently can through a computer and web browser on iFunding’s website. It is available, at no cost to download or to use, on the Apple Store for iOS devices and on Google Play for Android products. It can be used on mobile phones and tablets.

App users can browse live investment opportunities and get property information, neighborhood data, the pro forma and legal documents, and they can interact with the sponsors. Users can apply filters to the system in order to search for properties geographically or by sector type.

The tool enables customers to complete an investment transaction entirely from the mobile device, including the signing of documents and the initiation of funds transfer. Investors also can switch between a phone or tablet device and a computer, should they prefer to use the latter for certain portions of the transaction.

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