Interview with Patch of Land CEO Jason Fritton

In finance, common wisdom dictates that real estate is among the safest, most reliable investments for those looking for a significant long-term returns. In recent years, the crowdfunding market has been one of the most promising new sectors for those looking for The Next Big Thing. That’s why it should come as no surprise that crowdfunding real estate investment platforms like Patch of Land are increasingly of interest to many finance professionals and retail investors alike.

Patch of Land utilizes a peer-to-peer online marketplace to provide opportunities to invest in real estate with a small initial investment. Recently, spoke with Patch of Land CEO Jason Fritton on the value Patch of Land provides to their investors, what to look for in a real estate investment, and much more.

EQ: Thank you for speaking with us today, Jason. So, to start, can you give us a brief overview of what your team at Patch of Land is trying to accomplish?

Fritton: The basic summary is that we are a peer-to-peer marketplace working with residential and commercial real estate lending, and we are one of the industry leaders. We’re working to provide a highly transparent, highly efficient, one-stop shop for professional real estate developers online. We’re also trying to provide a resource for those who are looking to invest in what is traditionally known as a lucrative asset class, but who may not already have access to the real estate market. Essentially, we allow our clients to invest in real estate in two minutes flat from their mobile phones while sitting on the couch in their pajamas, if they want.

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