ÜNIQUE SKIS – Handmade at the Foothills of the Alps

Imagine a ski that simply fits. When skiing feels natural from the first turn you take. When each of your movements translates into the turn you imagined before initiating it. A ski that feels like an extension of your body. That’s the ski we were dreaming about when we cut a ski in half and decided to build our own.

Here at ÜNIQUE SKIS, we have been building custom-made skis for 5 years. We are always up for new a challenge and that’s why, 3 years ago, we decided to build the perfect freeride ski forreal conditions.

Although we all dream of powder every day – lets face it – we only get so many perfect days per year. That’s why we imagined a ski:

  • Designed for powder
  • Fine tuned to be fun on hard pressed snow
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Versatile enough to glide you up short distance tours

After a lot of back and forth between the drawing board and test rides on the mountains we are proud to present the prototypes of our first series – the ski we dared to dream about – 1 shape / 3 lengths, with all the other trademark characteristics of a ÜNIQUE SKI: Handcrafted – Durable – Refined.

Let us introduce you to Anne-Marie (168 cm), Wendelin (178 cm) and Anton (188 cm), the 3 new members of the ÜNIQUE SKIS’ family. You might be wondering why we gave them names. We spent so much time together in the past years that it seemed a lot more natural then to call them 168,178 & 188. Each of them has its very own personality and we are very excited for you to meet them!

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Faction Skis Quickly Gains Nearly £375,000 on Crowdcube Initiative in 3 Days For Asia and America Expansion


Faction-7-300x200Faction, one of the fastest-growing ski companies in the world on the back of product innovation and viral videos, launched its Crowdcube campaign Saturday and by Tuesday had raised nearly £375,000.

Faction 7The offering allows fans to invest alongside angel and VC backers for as little as £50. The £500,000 they aim to raise will fund expansion into growing markets including Asia which hosts the next two winter Olympics and the $4.5 billion North American market.

Backed until now by founders, angel investors and London VC Octopus Ventures, Faction is on track for £2.7 million in turnover this season selling to fans worldwide through 300 retailers in 25 countries. The company uses innovative materials from carbon to recycled PET and has won over 50 awards including Skiing Magazine’s ‘Ski of the Year’. Its outdoor clothing line which uses insulation developed by NASA and proprietary stretch fabrics have accelerated sales contributing to the company’s 146% growth in sales orders this year.

Faction-6-300x200Alex Hoye, Faction co-founder and CEO from Faction’s executive offices in Shoreditch, stated:

Faction 6“We’re a high-growth multi-million-pound turnover business now, so we’ve got strong backers and access to capital. But we wanted the fans and angels who got us here to be part of our journey. We loved the opportunity Crowdcube offers our advocates to invest. It’s a revolution in small business financing to allow individuals to invest alongside respected investors and as a company who has always pushed boundaries we’re pleased to be on the front line.”
Team athlete Candide Thovex’s 17 million-view One of Those Days 2 is the most-viewed video in the history of skiing and Faction’s in-house produced webisode series has been propelled by fans to viral success garnering over a million views. The top incentive for the crowd funding includes your own web film with a Faction pro athlete in Switzerland.

In addition to using the money to fund expansion, Faction will also:

Faction 2Create a new B2B platform to seamlessly connect their production, distribution and sales network
Expand its clothing range including its lifestyle offering
For a minimum investment of £50 – the price of a day’s ski pass – fans can invest on the same terms taken up by Octopus and angels like Sean Park. Crowdfunding investors will acquire 3.51% equity in the company.

Faction-2-300x200Hoye and Australian product designer Tony McWilliam founded the company to bridge the chasm between conservative mainstream ski brands and the revolutionary spirit inspired by snowboarding. Frustrated by not finding the skis they needed, their mission was clear: create tools of escape for fans worldwide built with quality and adventure in mind.

McWilliam and Hoye’s long-term vision is to establish Faction, with executive offices in Verbier and Shoreditch, as an authentic leader in snowsports, bringing innovation with style to skiers on and off the mountain.

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The first crowdsourced, real-time collection of mountain safety observations


AvaTech, the makers of the SP1 and SP2 avalanche probes, just announced the launch ofAvaNet—a mobile app that allows its users to make real-time observations while traveling in the mountains, and upload them to a secure platform for others to utilize. These observations can be made while tracking one’s route through the mountains (which the app does for you) and include photos, videos and comments. Users can upload images and results from snowpack tests, as well as the changes in snow consistency that occur over the extent of their routes.

Avanet also allows users to receive real-time notifications of red flag warnings and dangerous conditions in their local zones. Avanet is now available to general consumers in three versions: Avanet, Avanet Tour and Avanet Pro. Avanet is a free version of the app and provides users basic topographical and aerial maps, route tracking and the option to submit basic observations. Avanet Tour is offered for $5 per month and includes route finding tools. Avanet Pro is available for $10 per month and allows for advanced route planning, pro-level observations sharing and access to professional level data.

AvanetA first look at Avanet.

“The more knowledge you have the better,” says pro skier Chris Davenport. “Crowdsourced, real-time information about what’s happening in the mountains, in the backcountry, benefits professional forecast centers and backcountry users everywhere. I use Avanet in the field and trip planning, and it’s been a game-changer in how I prepare to go into the mountains.”

Visit AvaTech.com

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This in from Crowdfunding Asia

To succeed in Crowdfunding, is to keep going.

Deep appreciation to all attendees and our gracious guest-of honor, MS LOW YEN LING, PARLIAMENTARY SECRETARY, MINISTRY OF TRADE & INDUSTRY, at THE 2ND CROWDFUNDING ASIA, GLOBAL-SINGAPORE SUMMIT, on 9 November 2015, at MARINA BAY SANDS

From top notch practitioners and industry players, from startups to enterprises and from ground to government. The one day exchange served!

What goes into the entire planning for “Global Crowdfunding starts HERE” summit was lots of heart-work and a reproduction of what well done in US and Europe into Asia. It is really no best time or right time! The world Crowdfunding is not stopping because of our procrastination or hesitation. The power on alternative funding will serve those underserved or those who figure out that the Crowd conversation is what they need. We call for collaboration and co-operations
The 2015 Asia-Pacific Alternative Finance Benchmarking Survey is live now; Crowdfunding Asia Association joined Cambridge, Tsinghua & Sydney Universities launch 2015 Asia-Pacific #Alternative #Finance #Surveyhttp://goo.gl/pfD4mL #crowdfunding #p2p.
Thank you once again! A great way to wrap up the year is to celebrate the present and the future with the CROWD. CrowdWISDOM = CrowdSOURCING & CrowdFUNDING with CrowdPOWER.