This in from Crowdfunding Asia

To succeed in Crowdfunding, is to keep going.

Deep appreciation to all attendees and our gracious guest-of honor, MS LOW YEN LING, PARLIAMENTARY SECRETARY, MINISTRY OF TRADE & INDUSTRY, at THE 2ND CROWDFUNDING ASIA, GLOBAL-SINGAPORE SUMMIT, on 9 November 2015, at MARINA BAY SANDS

From top notch practitioners and industry players, from startups to enterprises and from ground to government. The one day exchange served!

What goes into the entire planning for “Global Crowdfunding starts HERE” summit was lots of heart-work and a reproduction of what well done in US and Europe into Asia. It is really no best time or right time! The world Crowdfunding is not stopping because of our procrastination or hesitation. The power on alternative funding will serve those underserved or those who figure out that the Crowd conversation is what they need. We call for collaboration and co-operations
The 2015 Asia-Pacific Alternative Finance Benchmarking Survey is live now; Crowdfunding Asia Association joined Cambridge, Tsinghua & Sydney Universities launch 2015 Asia-Pacific #Alternative #Finance #Survey #crowdfunding #p2p.
Thank you once again! A great way to wrap up the year is to celebrate the present and the future with the CROWD. CrowdWISDOM = CrowdSOURCING & CrowdFUNDING with CrowdPOWER.

Your comments & opinions are most welcome!

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