ÜNIQUE SKIS – Handmade at the Foothills of the Alps

Imagine a ski that simply fits. When skiing feels natural from the first turn you take. When each of your movements translates into the turn you imagined before initiating it. A ski that feels like an extension of your body. That’s the ski we were dreaming about when we cut a ski in half and decided to build our own.

Here at ÜNIQUE SKIS, we have been building custom-made skis for 5 years. We are always up for new a challenge and that’s why, 3 years ago, we decided to build the perfect freeride ski forreal conditions.

Although we all dream of powder every day – lets face it – we only get so many perfect days per year. That’s why we imagined a ski:

  • Designed for powder
  • Fine tuned to be fun on hard pressed snow
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Versatile enough to glide you up short distance tours

After a lot of back and forth between the drawing board and test rides on the mountains we are proud to present the prototypes of our first series – the ski we dared to dream about – 1 shape / 3 lengths, with all the other trademark characteristics of a ÜNIQUE SKI: Handcrafted – Durable – Refined.

Let us introduce you to Anne-Marie (168 cm), Wendelin (178 cm) and Anton (188 cm), the 3 new members of the ÜNIQUE SKIS’ family. You might be wondering why we gave them names. We spent so much time together in the past years that it seemed a lot more natural then to call them 168,178 & 188. Each of them has its very own personality and we are very excited for you to meet them!

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