Bay Street Cannabis Brings Equity Crowdfunding to the Cannabis Industry – Crowdfund Insider

We all vote with our money.  Every dollar spent is a vote for this brand over another, this chain, this item, and it speaks volumes about how we think, what we value, and what we want to do. I often wonder if there’s anything I’d do differently if I thought about my ‘votes’ actively and continually.  What would I really want to vote for? This side of the transaction is never really explicit, or hasn’t been, and I think that the cognitive flip of this past decade towards conscientious purchasing is one of the things that originally drew me to equity crowdfunding.  Entrepreneurs can mobilize the crowd, ask them to “vote for me!”, and come out with the resources they need to grow.  That’s the very definition of empowering your audience. The Cannabis industry has a big, bright, and bold future, with legalization picking up steam in Canada, and the current party having been elected with a campaign promise to legalize recreational marijuana use. Stocks surged, testament to investor enthusiasm, and forecasts predicted a potential $5 Billion market. Canada’s Cannabis entrepreneurs are ready to scale up, and Bay Street Cannabis is here to help. So it’s clear that there is the will, interest, and capital available to help the Cannabis industry reach its potential.  Enter equity crowdfunding, and Bay Street Cannabis. Some 43% of Canadians aged 15 or older have used marijuana, according to Statistics Canada, and current use for medicinal reasons is almost an $100M industry on its own.  In essence, the potential for growth is huge, and new entrants into the market are inevitable.

Source: Bay Street Cannabis Brings Equity Crowdfunding to the Cannabis Industry – Crowdfund Insider


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