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CannaFundr Merges | Crowdfunding and Cannabis | MJINews

The spirit of the JOBS Act is strong, though its flesh (that is, its actual implementation) is weak. However, the spirit of that 2012 enactment may have just created an important new conduit for the movement of cash into the … Continue reading

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Can Crowdfunding Help Establish the Benefits of Medical Marijuana? | Cannabis Now

Cannabis has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes by various civilizations. Despite this fact, the U.S. Federal Government has classified it at the highest level, making scientific research extremely difficult to perform. Currently the public’s view on cannabis is … Continue reading

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Crowdfunding 2.0: Even You Can Invest in the Next High-Growth Startup

Crowdfunding—an online method of soliciting money from the general public for a business, project, or cause—is about to go through a seismic shift. And it could mean insane profits for some investors—profits that were previously unattainable due to government regulations. … Continue reading

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Hacking the Startup Fundraising Matrix — Medium

“The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.” — Morpheus The Big Idea Contrary to what you may believe, there is a proven formula for raising capital. It’s what the world’s best … Continue reading

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RallyMe Crowdfunding Sports

You’re not just playing around, and neither are we. You believe that passionate participation in sports is more than just a game; it’s a damn good thing. Good for you, your kids, your neighborhood, and your community. Sports change lives … Continue reading

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10+ Best Crowdfunding WordPress Themes

This is a collection of the best crowdfunding WordPress themes. Crowdfunding (alternatively crowd financing, equity crowdfunding, or crowd-sourced fund raising) has really grown in popularity as a method of raising money on the internet. With the huge reach of the … Continue reading

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The State of Crowdfunding in the Cannabis Industry – Lexology

First Canadian Marijuana Crowdfunding Platform Launched On March 2, Ascenta Finance Corp., a licensed exempt market dealer, and KoreConX Corp., a company that specializes in crowdfunding, launched Bay Street Cannabis (“Bay Street”), Canada’s first online equity crowdfunding portal dedicated to … Continue reading

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