RallyMe Crowdfunding Sports

rallyme_logoYou’re not just playing around, and neither are we. You believe that passionate participation in sports is more than just a game; it’s a damn good thing. Good for you, your kids, your neighborhood, and your community. Sports change lives by bringing us hope while they teach us priceless lessons in character and commitment. Through sport we learn how to set goals to overcome adversity and achieve greatness. We become better, healthier humans.  It’s what we wish for our children, and our communities. We know that for 40 million young athletes the lessons of sports can’t be taught as well anywhere else, but those positive sports experiences are threatened by ever increasing costs. We’ve got your back on this. We’ve dedicated our lives to the fight.  We are parents of athletes, we are coaches, and we are lifelong athletes too. We’ve got a lot of skin in this game. RallyMe isn’t some Silicon Valley, venture-capital-funded, get-rich-quick scheme. We are here because we believe in the vision —  that no athlete or team should ever have to give up their dreams because of a lack of funds — and we know how to help.   Unlike general-interest crowdfunding sites that have to serve a zillion different kinds of fundraisers, we built RallyMe specifically for you, the sports community. All the logic, the algorithms, the tools and the language is written for you and your Boosters.  The result? RallyMe simply works better than the one-size-fits-all crowdfunders. Online funding relies on connecting with your community and RallyMe helps you speak to the sports community in the language that brings results.  RallyMe’s average contribution is 33% higher than contributions to general interest online fundraising sites. There’s a reason RallyMe has been the choice of thousands of young athletes, teams and hundreds of Olympic hopefuls.  There’s a reason the top sports organizations have partnered with and endorsed us.  There’s a reason that youth sports team managers overwhelmingly prefer RallyMe.

Source: Why RallyMe?


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