Hacking the Startup Fundraising Matrix — Medium

“The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.” — Morpheus The Big Idea Contrary to what you may believe, there is a proven formula for raising capital. It’s what the world’s best CEOs and expert fundraisers have been using for decades. And now with fundraising and investing moving online, this formula can be amplified, and exponentially more valuable to you. As we’ve shared this formula with founders raising on Crowdfunder, the data shows that those who follow this formula raise ten times the amount of investment as those who don’t. Founders who follow the formula on Crowdfunder attract $240,000 (founders who don’t raise only $24K). Founders who follow the formula close money 50% of the time from interested investors, whereas founders who don’t close less than 10% of the time. I will show you how to hack this matrix, but first you need to understand what the agents are doing… The Quantification of Startup Finance “Never send a human to do a machine’s job.” — Agent Smith Last year in 2014, over 70,000 startups got $24 Billion in seed funding from 300,000 investors. The number of funded startups has doubled since 2002; and the data shows that even when total investment dollars drops — as it did during the 2008 financial meltdown — the number of startups getting funded (as well as the number of investors) has steadily increased each year.

Source: Hacking the Startup Fundraising Matrix — Medium


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