18 leading CrowdInvesting platforms have integrated the BancBox

bancboxSan Mateo, CA – BancBox, a leading payment services provider, announces today that 18 leading CrowdInvesting platforms have integrated the BancBox Invest API. On top of that, more than $4 Million has been processed on behalf of its partner platforms and that over a dozen offerings have been completed via the Invest API.

BancBox Invest (previously BancBox Crowd) is the only cloud-based, automated, independent escrow solution that ensures that CrowdInvesting portals remain in compliance with FINCEN, FINRA and SEC requirements, specifically Rule 15c2-4. BancBox’s solution was the first independent escrow service to hit the market and has leveraged its first mover advantage to sign up an all-star roster of partner platforms that includes debt, equity, angel-investing and real-estate platforms.

BancBox partners include:

  • 99 Funding
  • Angel RoundUp
  • Brandups
  • CommunityLeader
  • Crowdbrewed
  • CrowdValley
  • EquityNet
  • FilmFunder
  • FlashFunders
  • GroundBreaker
  • iFunding
  • LocalStake
  • Patch of Land
  • SeedInvest
  • SparkMarket

BancBox has seen incredible adoption among investors on its first partner platforms with the service processing over $4 million in investments. Additionally, the company announced several additional milestones:

  • Over a dozen deals closed implementing the service
  • Over 300 accredited investors in the system on 20 different deals
  • Average investor funding of approximately $15,000
  • Average escrow size of $250,000

“BancBox Invest is a linchpin technology that is helping an entire industry to find its legs. We are excited to have signed up 18 of the leading CrowdInvestment platforms that are helping to usher in this revolution and are displaying incredible leadership and innovation,” said Sanj Goyle, CEO of BancBox. “These platforms represent half of the top-tier CrowdInvestment platforms that we identified when launched the API a few months ago.”

The company is tapping into more than a decade of experience building robust payment solutions, as it rolls out its Invest platform across the industry. Partner platforms look to BancBox for its expertise navigating complex regulatory frameworks and providing rock-solid payment security.


A Crowdfunding Pioneer Psychoanalyzes Crowdfunding’s True Believers

Paul Spinrad is the guy who gave the movement for a crowdfunding exemption in the U.S. its first big shove towards becoming law. In the first part of this exclusive series on Crowdsourcing.org, he recalled those early days and the efforts that have since begun to blossom in the form of the JOBS Act. Below, in the second half of the series, he also gives us an inside look at the fanatical devotion of some of crowdfunding’s true believers.


The Crowd Goes Wild: First Annual Film Crowdfunding Awards Announced (via PR Newswire)

The Crowd Goes Wild: First Annual Film Crowdfunding Awards Announced (via PR Newswire)

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — With the sources of film finance changing as rapidly as the weather in the Gulf, crowdfunding has appeared on the scene with great promise and long-term staying power.  As a result, the Film Finance Awards (www.FilmFinanceAwards.com) and Premier…

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Crowdfunding Risky but Rewarding (Venturebeat)


Illustration by Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Last month, Amazon pulled the plug on the e-book crowdfunding site unglue.it and a number of other similar sites. Amazon says it is no longer able to support certain crowdfunding or social fundraising sites, despite the wild success of Kickstarter, which was built on Amazon’s platform. (Kickstarter still utilizes Amazon.com payments, however.)

But why? Although standout campaigns have served as great proof-of-concept for crowdfunding’s worth, like the Pebble wristwatch raising $10.2 million on Kickstarterseemingly overnight, the challenges that come along with the medium are almost too overwhelming to enumerate.

To name a few:


  • Fraudsters capable of producing a slick video or business plan can now dupe thousands of people into buying vaporware or investing in a ghost company;
  • Incompetent entrepreneurs can fail to deliver on their promises, spending millions of dollars of other people’s money in the process;
  • Unsatisfied customers or investors can dispute their purchases or investments, amassing huge liabilities for the businesses, platforms, and payment processors;
  • Insecure and non-compliant platforms can risk cardholder data, misappropriate funds, and violate federal and state statutes.

I can’t necessarily blame Amazon for wanting to avoid the regulatory and compliance issues that come along with processing payments for other platforms. Amazon Payments, Google Payments, and PayPal (eBay) were built to support merchants within those respective marketplaces. It does not make sense to shift their focus to a more complex and labor-intensive niche, regardless of its promise.