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Crowdfunded Couples Vibrator ‘Slaphappy’ Launches Dedicated Ecommerce Website

CHICAGO, March 18th, 2015 – Two months after reaching its crowdfunding goal on Indiegogo.com, couples vibrator ‘Slaphappy’ is now available on its own ecommerce website, Slaphappy.com. Slaphappy follows inventor Brian Sloan’s successful launch of his blowjob machine, the Autoblow 2. Continue reading

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FundWok Reverse Crowdfunding Site Launches

December 4, 2014 – FundWok has announced the official launch of their exciting new platform that uniquely infuses crowdfunding with the premise of online social community. After two months of private beta testing, FundWok is now available to the public. … Continue reading

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Fund dreamer – Crowdfunding for Women & Diversity Groups

I stumbled on this new nonprofit crowdfunding platform designed for women and diversity groups. Their site says: “Fund Dreamer Inc. is a non-profit organization located in Los Angeles, CA. We leverage state of the art social media technologies to reach wider donor … Continue reading

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You’ve Got Funds – Crowdfunding For Startups

  Here’s information on a new crowdfunding site for startups at http://www.youvegotfunds.com       At YouveGotFunds, our website connects your new ideas with the world and our business development experts. Not only do we help you get funding, we help you … Continue reading

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Crowdfunding Goes To The Sundance Film Festival

  The Sundance Film Festival is currently taking place, bringing some of the most influential and talented individuals in the filmmaking industry to one place.   This year, the festival’s selection committee has chosen a number of crowdfunded films to be shown … Continue reading

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2012 Top Crowdfunded Projects In Review

Source: Crowdsource.org In case you hadn’t heard, 2012 was the year that crowdfunding exploded onto the scene. Sure, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Rockethub and others were around before this year, but the last 12 months saw the very concept permeate much deeper into the collective consciousness. Numerous new … Continue reading

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The Rock Impacts Hollywood Crowdfunding

    Hollywood is preparing for what could be a tectonic shift in the way it does business: crowdfunding. While it was locally made, independent films that were the first to latch onto crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter,Indiegogo, and Gofundme, the concept has moved up … Continue reading

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