Securities and Exchange Commission has approved a proposed amendment

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NEW YORK, Oct 17 (Reuters) – The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has approved a proposed amendment from Wall Street’s industry-funded regulator that helps investment banks use a new U.S law aimed at easing the way for small companies to go public.


Six months after the JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) Act was passed amid much fanfare as a way to help companies raise money in public markets, banks have not embraced some key provisions, which allow analysts to join bankers on pitches to investors, and publish research reports before a company goes public.


The new amendment from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, effective immediately, eases the restrictions somewhat by aligning rules of the financial watchdog with those of the JOBS Act. The SEC approved the amendment on Oct. 11.


The rule change removes the previous 40-day quiet period after an initial public offering so underwriters can publish research. The change would also allow analysts and bankers to attend IPO pitch meetings or “bakeoffs” together, as long as the analysts don’t solicit business.


However, the FINRA change involving communication between analysts and their investment banking colleagues does not apply to Wall Street’s largest banks, bound by a separate regulation, the Global Research Settlement.


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Over $1 Million in Equity Pledged on IPO Village for First Ever Equity-Based Crowdfunded IPO

NEW YORK, NY–(MarketwireOct 1, 2012) – IPO Village, the first of its kind crowdfunding platform to host initial public offerings, announced today that they have received over $1 million in pledges for their first crowdfunded IPO set to go live in the coming weeks. IPO Village is an organization that uses crowdfunding to bring exclusive pre-IPOs to the everyday retail investor, allowing “Main Street” investors to access stock that was once only reserved for the Wall Street elite.

“We are thrilled with the number of people signing up to lock in a chance to purchase shares at pre-IPO prices,” says Howard Orloff, the managing director of IPO Village. “Our first company is set to go public within the coming months and already $1 million in pledges from approximately 500 retail investors have been received through Retail investors are excited to secure their place in line for our first crowdfunded IPO.”

While investors are not committing themselves to purchase stock, they are securing their place in line. Once an investor signs up on their website they receive an email giving the name of the company and detailed information to begin their research, before making an investment decision. When the offering comes out of the quiet period, investors who sign up will receive an alert letting them know that the opportunity to purchase stock has opened. Investors will receive the option to purchase the pre-IPO stock based upon the day that they signed up on the site.

“First come first serve is really the only fair way to go about it,” says Simon Erblich, Founder of IPO Village. “Right now pre-IPOs go to the wealthiest investors and institutional investors first. The average ‘Joe’ does not get pre-IPO stock that just doesn’t happen. By the time they see the stock, it has been marked up at least 22%. By using the crowd to fund IPOs we are bringing Initial Public Offerings back to the Public where they belong and were intended to be.”

There’s only a short period of time remaining before the first official offer goes live, but IPO Village is already more than half way towards reaching its goal, since over a million dollars has already been pledged. With such aggressive interest already in place, the Company strongly anticipates that their first offering will sell-out very quickly once investors are allowed to start investing as the line of investors surpasses the 1000+ mark.

IPO Village does not have to wait until the JOBS Act is fully implemented in 2013 as they are “crowdfunding” publically traded stock. Their launch will mix high-tech and traditional finance in a way that has not been seen before. To learn more about crowdfunding IPO investments, gain more insights on IPO Village, or secure your place in line, visit

IPO Village offers IPO investment opportunities to every retail investor. While other crowdfunding type sites focus on private offerings, IPO Village’s hosted public offerings provide its member investors with liquidity and a foreseeable exit. The Company employs a “first-come-first-served” policy with all parties equally welcome to invest. Since IPOs are typically oversold, IPO Village guarantees a place in line and encourages retail investors to sign up now at

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